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Fat Donna thanks you
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...and some non-Dragnet diversions courtesy of Rahuna :

Remembrance of Things Last - What are the very last lines of dialogue from some famous motion pictures? Listen for yourself. A nifty little game (perhaps) to play with your loved ones.

Miss Tina Louise - Pictures of the lovely red-headed actress.

Peabody & Shermanfellas - What happens when Peabody and Sherman meet Goodfellas? Find out in this short Flash cartoon. WARNING! Rated "R" for language.

Titanic - A couple of friends of mine star in a Flash adaptation of that movie about the boat and the iceberg. WARNING! Rated "PG-13" for language.

Monsters in 3D - Just for laughs, I turned some 2D stills into 3D. Blue/Red 3D glasses required!